24th mars 2017

How to enjoy the perfect Pukka blend

Enjoying a great herbal cuppa is one of life’s pleasures. Savouring that delicious array of tastes and smells and feeling that herbal goodness at work is all part of the experience.

Les mer
20th oktober 2016

Turmeric Lifekind – Inside the Box

Lifekind is a super concentrated combination of nature’s best and most powerful protectors. Let’s find out what’s inside each box of Turmeric Lifekind

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31st august 2016

Glow with Pukka this autumn

With its spectacular cloak of colour, autumn is like a second spring with every leaf in flower. Join us in celebration of this beautiful season and find out how to keep your summer glow.

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30th juni 2016

How we make tea at Pukka

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s Master Herbsmith explains the magic behind how we create our incredible organic teas and supplement. This is the story of Pukka, from crop to cup.

Les mer
6th mai 2016

Fairly traded turmeric

If you’re a fan of Pukka, you may have noticed that we love turmeric. But what’s the story behind this incredible spice and where does it all come from?

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4th mai 2016

Pukka's turmeric range

At Pukka we love turmeric. So much in fact that we've created an entire range of turmeric supplements to support you at any stage of your life.

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21st oktober 2015

A colourful interview with Sebastian Pole

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s co-founder and Master Herbsmith, gives an exclusive interview to Pukka Planet about the colorful world of herbs and how they can help our wellbeing particularly in chillier winter months.

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