Pukka - en reise i urtenes verden. Pukka Herbs ble grunnlagt i 2001 av Sebastian Pole og Tim Westwell. Deres intensjon er å bringe viten om plantenes kraft til allmenheten - og være bidragsytere til et sunnere og mer bærekraftig verdenssamfunn. Her kan du lese våre historier.
23rd mai 2014

Why are we called 'Pukka'?

Pukka was the perfect choice for Sebastian and Tim, our founders, when they were creating their fledgling business. This ancient Hindi word has so much meaning behind it – making it more than just a name to us: it embodies our vision, our values, our relationships with our growers, and every single cup of tea or herbal supplement that we create.

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14th mai 2014

The Pukka Beginnings

In the year 2001, a creative entrepreneur with a passion for natural-health, Tim Westwell, placed an advert in a Bristol cultural magazine. The ad ran for two weeks – with only one response, from an enthusiastic young herbalist called Sebastian Pole. He’d had an idea.

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